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passion. the state of the mind when it is powerfully acted upon and influenced by something external to itself.

The anticipation as you gaze upon a steep face blanketed in white, the weightless feeling as you drop precipitously into a couloir, and the joyful sting of powder glancing off of your face as you initiate your next turn... snow is our passion

“In the end, to ski is to travel fast and free - free over untouched snow country. To be bound to one slope, even one mountain, by a lift may be convenient but it robs us of the greatest pleasure that skiing can give, that is to travel through the wide wintery country; to follow the lure of peaks which tempt on the horizon and to be alone for a few days or even hours in clear, mysterious surroundings.” -Hans Gmoser

We offer a variety of courses including curriculum in avalanche education, backcountry touring, winter wilderness medicine, navigation, and big mountain expeditions. Our focus is in developing a solid decision making framework to compliment the hard skills and techniques taught in the field.