Sea Kayak Locations

Puget Sound

Whidbey Island

Deception Pass

San Juan Islands

Lake Washington

Lake Union

North Cascades NP

Rafting Locations

Snoqualmie River

Wenatchee River

Lower Salmon River

Clark Fork River

Yellowstone River

Clark Fork, Montana

North Cascades, WA

Hope Is. Puget Sound

Our Favorite Locations

Winter Locations

Cascade Powder Cats, WA

Kirkwood Mountain, CA

Chugach Mountains, AK

Juneau, AK

“The Books” Valdez , AK

Our locations  are chosen based on personal experience. As educators, we want you to feel that pull of the mountains and water as we did on our first visit to these magical places.

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inspiration. the act or power of exercising an elevating or stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions.